Brief History of LGBT

LGBT stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender. The term is an adaptation to the initialism LGB, which was used as a replacement to the term gay in referrence to the LGBT community beginning in the mid-to-late 1980’s. The activist believed that the term gay community did not explicitly represent all to whom it referred.

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The Mattachine Society is the first national gay rights organization which was formed on 1951 and was created by Harry Hay. Harry Hay
was a prominent American gay rights activist, communistlabor advocate, and campaigner for Native American civil rights.

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My Opinion About the Rainbow Flag (LGBT)

LGBT people, for me, are as normal as any other homo sapien. They have every right to live normally and every right to love. Its shocking how our society reacts to someone being sexually different form themselves. They state it as being ‘abnormal’ but someone please ask these jerks that who in this world has authority to state any sexuality as normal or abnormal. Just because the majority of people find themselves attracted to their opposite sex doesn’t prove that its normal. One thing normal for us might not be normal for others. So for me it just goes like that.
And its truly heartbreaking how these people are treated so differently from others. So many of them are compelled to hide their feelings and put on a mask of being straight. Disguisting! Isn’t it?
The first thing that can truly bring in a difference is the law; Government has a great authority to support such things. Some countries do favour same sex marriage while the others don’t. The second one is compassion; If every single human tend to relate to others’ emotions then maybe something good can happen.
Every person in this world deserves to be respected and loved with the way they are. I hope people get this soon. 
And yeah, kudos to all my mates for staying strong and accepting what you are. RESPECT!



We are now in the Millenial age of the 21st century. We as teens are in the stage of confusion,rebellion,and mixed emotions that no one could ever ever understand. We are in the days of confusion and asking over the box kind of questions. We question about what is in and out today and what is the updated facts of our today’s generation. But beyond of all the open doors nowadays is an social issue wherein still a lot of people still couldn’t accept them in the society.

Lemme introduce you our today’s rainbow community or the LGBTQ. LGBTQ means lesbian’gay,bi-sexual,transgender’and queer community.

People who are in the community are mostly underestimated,bullied,rejected ,unwanted, unloved,unaccepted. It is sad to say that they might be on a domain in this because they fully take risk to defend their rights but still many of them find it still hard to speak out and be true to their selves.



Nowadays when people around you discovers that you are an LGBTQ member expect the really most expected that you are not away from harsh words,rude personalities,and criticism.


A lot of them are afraid of being true to their selves, because first and for most the persons who should accept them first couldn’t accept them.


Because of being an LGBTQ a lot of them are not inhabiting equal opportunities. It could be at school or at work or even in other public places